Raising Children Who Love the Lord


This past Sunday I heard an amazing sermon at my local church on raising children to grow up to love the Lord. I really loved some of the points made by the pastor Lon Solomon at McLean Bible Church so I decided to bring them back and even expand on a couple.

BACKGROUND: Moses only had 5-10 years of biblical training and it was from his nurse (who was actually his mother). That being said she left quite an impression on him and of course we know he freed God’s chosen people (the Jews) from Egypt.

It was THIRTY years after the teachings of his mother that Moses actually put the thought into practice. Wow! -Thank you Pastor Lon for that reminder!

Taking it further: we do not have to have children to help raise children who love and care for God. Look at Mother Theresa! Look at Sunday School teachers. Surely we can see the impact they have on young people. Look at neighbors. Look at aunts and uncles. I know my niece loving God means more to me than anything else she can do in life.

Pastor Lon went on to give some practical and simple examples of how we can incorporate God and a love for God into the everyday lives of our children.

1. Play CHRISTIAN music in your home/vehicle.  -Music that glorifies the Father and seeks to worship Him will have a positive impact on your children. I LOVE country music myself but it is not nearly as fulfilling/uplifting as music from that is made and intended for HIM and based on biblical truth.

2. PRAY with your children every night from infancy-teach your children that God is alive and ready to have a conversation. The veil is torn and we can always meet Him in his throne room as loving sons and daughters.

3. Put scripture verses/art on your walls!- It is so hard to harbor hate and evil thought when truth in word is staring back at you in the form of His sacred words.

4. Read Bible based and Christian based literature with your children more than anything else. – With all the world knocking at our doorsteps we need His word flowing through us. If it is truly the bread we eat and the air we breathe it will become our lifeline. Teach them this from a young age.

5. Memorize scripture with your children from a young age! VERY YOUNG- Children can memorize things (just look how easily they memorize lyrics to TV shows etc.) Equip them with the Lord’s life and truth from a young age.

6. Reward children for having quite time with the Father. Praise them and let them know you are pleased by their actions to follow the Lord.

7. THE NUMBER ONE thing we can do is to live out an AUTHENTIC relationship with the Lord in front of them. No need to be perfect but seek Him in good times and bad. Repent to God and children. Confess when you are wrong. -this one is courtesy of two of the greatest biblical leaders I know :)

8. Take your children to church and Sunday school and get them involved with community. Children need to be a part of the body of Christ.

9.  Have children serve and be part of service from  a VERY young age. It is important children know that by serving others (even in the home) we serve Christ. I just love the acronym JOY-Jesus, Others then Yourself. What a great motto to live by.

10. As the Lord said Guard YOUR Heart. Guard the hearts of your little ones as well. This is the gift God gave them that is most precious.

The last three items added here were not from the sermon but from a variety of other biblical resources and of course the Good Book itself.

Myth: If we PUSH children toward God they will rebel and never seek him.

Where in the Bible does it say this? We are instructed to teach children to love, serve, and fear the Lord not to shy away from Him.  This is nothing more than a worldly myth. There is zero biblical truth to support this idea. BASE DECISIONS IN PARENTING AND RAISING CHILDREN ON BIBLICAL TRUTH.

Anyway I thought these were simple and fantastic. I would love to hear your tips and tricks as well!

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